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Selling A Car To The Trade Tips

Selling a car to the trade is not an easy task. Dealers are equipped with experience and they are in the business to make money. It is practically unrealistic to expect that a dealer will try and give you a good deal. Thus, it is imperative that you arm yourself with a few helpful tips that can put you in a position to negotiate well and be the one profiting in the end.

Where you wish to sell you car, which car you have and all such specific details will be varied in your case but these tips should help you to avoid signing up for a bad deal. Most dealers will try and intrigue you to the new car but your first focus should be the used car that you want to trade-in.


Awareness is priceless. You should do extensive research about your car. Know what the market is paying for it at the moment and check out multiple dealers. Go on to comparison websites or consult with several negotiations to get an idea of the highest and the lowest valuation of your car. This range will give you confidence to negotiate with the dealer when you are actually trading in. While opting for appraisals you must use all data about your car including the history, technical details and all records that you may have kept. Your objective is to find the precise range for your car and not just the brand and model of the car you own. Used car valuations depend on the specific car and not solely on the manufacturing year and other details.

Curb Appeal

Enhancing the curb appeal will pay off rewardingly. You must remove all your personal items from the car. Go for a minor overhaul to remove any pet odour, dander or smoke. Your car should smell fresh, look clean and be appealing right at the first glance. With the right impression, you get the upper hand to call the shots.

Go Prepared

You should have all documents and details handy. Whether you are asked for them right away or not, you must appear to be experienced in dealing at trade-ins. Also, you must mention that you have done some research which is an indirect way of saying that you are aware of the market, thus you can spot a poor deal if the dealer proposes one.

Segregate Deals

It is necessary that you segregate selling a car and buying a car. They should not be dealt simultaneously as that would work to the dealer’s advantage.